The WYCC is a group of nearly 200 Wyoming residents and supporters working together to promote and implement the data-driven Wyoming Cancer Plan throughout the state. The Wyoming Cancer Plan outlines goals and action steps that people in Wyoming can take to reduce the burden of cancer in the state. Some of these goals include cancer prevention, early detection, and quality of life. WYCC members are individuals interested in lessening the impact of cancer in Wyoming.

What we do

The WYCC focuses on increasing awareness of the cancer burden in the state and improving outcomes for cancer patients. It establishes and grows partnerships between individuals and organizations, enhancing partners’ abilities to help reduce the burden of cancer in Wyoming as well as provides a neutral setting for competing healthcare agencies to work together to advance common cancer control issues. It provides funding to programs and projects that advance priorities of the Wyoming Cancer Control Plan and gives technical assistance, free or reduced-cost materials, and training for partners to increase cancer control work in their communities.

The Wyoming Cancer Control plan is a strategic plan to reduce the cancer burden in our state. It is designed to provide guidance to individuals and organizations spanning a wide range of health and social disciplines that can play a role in controlling cancer. All aspects of the cancer continuum are addressed, including: primary prevention, early detection and screening, treatment, and quality of life and end-of-life care, as well as cross-cutting issues such as advocacy, eliminating disparities, research, and surveillance. Wyoming’s plan has been revised with updated goals and measurable objectives to support continued cancer control efforts through 2025.

This plan builds on the hard work and collaborations that have made comprehensive cancer control a success in Wyoming.

2021-2025 Wyoming Cancer Control Plan

2021-2025 Wyoming Cancer Control Plan Goals

2023 Wyoming Cancer Coalition Bylaws

Our members

WYCC members are individuals interested in lessening the impact of cancer in Wyoming. Members include: Health care providers, non-profit and volunteer organizations, the public health community, health plans, policy makers, cancer survivors, caregivers, and others committed to cancer prevention and control.

Member responsibilities

Join a workgroup. Current workgroups include: Childhood Cancer, Prevention, Screening and Early Detection, and Survivorship. Other areas of cancer control are welcomed as workgroup focuses if there is interest from members.

Attend meetings held twice per year at different locations around the state or virtually. Meetings provide great opportunities to share and network with others from around the state and learn about cancer control. You also have the opportunity to help plan the meetings and ideas for meeting topics are welcomed.

Contribute to the WYCC monthly newsletter and share resources and information about cancer-related events, potential members, and opportunities to expand our work in reducing the cancer burden.

Steering Committee

The WYCC Steering Committee is responsible for making key operational decisions in conjunction with the coalition to guide cancer prevention and control efforts and accomplish the mission set forth in the Wyoming Cancer Control Plan. They focus efforts on developing priorities and increasing the visibility of the coalition and monitoring and evaluating the plan for progress on outcomes. They support the implementation of practices to help sustain WYCC efforts and monitor the progress of the WYCC, ensuring timely action on issues raised during meetings. The committee is also responsible for attending steering committee meetings as well as coalition meetings, recruit new members and organizations, appoint committees, as necessary, and communicate the mission and vision of the coalition.

Click here to meet our steering committee members.

WYCC History

2004: The Wyoming Cancer Coalition was formed when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a funding opportunity for comprehensive cancer control. 


2005: The first Wyoming Cancer Plan was drafted.


2007: The Cancer Control Act was passed, promoting comprehensive planning for cancer management based on cancer prevention, early cancer detection, furthering cancer research, and eliminating disparities in cancer treatment. 


2009: The Cancer Control Act outlined the need for county cancer coordinators. This project is still ongoing today and is known as the Wyoming Cancer Resource Services, or WCRS.  


2012: Jason’s friends foundation and other partners began Camp Courage, a summer camp for children with cancer and their families. This is still ongoing today. 


2015: The WYCC received funding from American Cancer Society to pilot a fit kit program in Wyoming. This led to a change in colorectal screening rules that include use of at home stool based options.


2016: Wyoming Breast cancer initiative and the WCRS county contractors partnered together to implement a statewide mammogram voucher program that helps pay for mammograms for women who can’t afford them. This is still ongoing today. 


2018: Wyoming was the first state to offer sunscreen dispensers in all of the state parks, receiving national recognition from Impact Melanoma. Now Wyoming has over 100 free automatic sunscreen dispensers located statewide. 


2021: In an effort to promote healthy eating as a cancer prevention tool, the WYCC began the Wyoming Tomato Project in partnership with Central Wyoming College and Alpine Science Institute. 100 tomato plants were distributed in the first year of the program.

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