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Did you know that there are several screening options for colorectal cancer? Some can even be done from the comfort of your home. Talk to your doctor to learn more about getting screened:

A colonoscopy is only one of several screening tests for colorectal cancer. Some can even be done from the comfort of your home at a low cost. Talk to your doctor to learn more about getting screened:

Screening for colorectal cancer can raise a lot of questions. This fact sheet from the CDC can help you start a conversation with your doctor:

Thinking about getting screened for colorectal cancer, but not sure which test is right for you? This helpful booklet covers some of the most common tests:

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month is a great opportunity to brush up on your knowledge of risk factors and symptoms of colorectal cancer. Get informed:

Colorectal cancer doesn’t always display symptoms, but be sure to see your doctor right away if you do show any of these symptoms:

“Treatment is most effective when cancer is found in its early stages.” Journalist and cancer survivor Joan Lunden explains why it’s so important to get screened:

Think a colonoscopy is the only way to get screened for colorectal cancer? Think again! Here’s an overview of the many screening tests available. Talk with your doctor to see which is right for you:

You may be at risk for colorectal cancer if you have a personal history of polyps, inflammatory bowel disease, certain genetic syndromes or a family history of colorectal cancer. Read more and talk to your doctor about getting screened:

Screening can prevent colorectal cancer, or detect it early, by finding polyps so that they can be removed before they turn into cancer. In this PSA, Meryl Streep talks about getting screened:

We could save an estimated 203,000 lives by 2030 if 80% of adults were screened as recommended for colorectal cancer. How does your state measure up?

“If I hadn’t been screened, I wouldn’t have been able to see my son go off to college, or enjoy this next chapter of my life with my wife and family.” Learn more about Robert’s story about getting screened for colorectal cancer:

239 Wyoming residents were diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2018. Colorectal cancer is preventable with proper screenings. To see if you qualify for a free screening, contact the Wyoming Cancer Program. Click here for contact information.



Colorectal Cancer Early Detection:

Screen for Life: Meryl Streep:






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