The Wyoming Cancer Plan is a five-year comprehensive document created by diverse cancer control stakeholders from across the state to identify priorities, goals, and measurable, evidence-based actions that can be taken to reduce the burden of cancer in Wyoming. Our current plan, 2016-2020, will be undergoing revisions and we need your help.

The Wyoming Cancer Program is looking for key stakeholders to aid in the revision process of the current 2016-2020 Cancer Plan. The Cancer Plan hopes to address areas like cancer prevention, early detection, access and availability of treatment, survivorship, childhood cancer, and health equity. We invite you to participate in the revision process by sharing your unique approaches tailored to the citizens of Wyoming. Our goal is to identify community-based organizations, healthcare providers, hospitals, individuals, and statewide partners with expertise or experience in cancer prevention, screening, treatment, childhood cancer, and/or quality of life to assist with the revision process. If you and/or your organization are passionate about decreasing the burden of cancer, we encourage you to become part of the 2021-2025 Wyoming Cancer Plan. 

Your Involvement in the Cancer Plan will take up approximately two hours per month depending on your level of involvement, any level of involvement is welcome. Stakeholders will be broken into committees and subcommittees and will meet virtually or through teleconference every month. The completion of the cancer plan is expected in October 2020 with release expected in January 2021.

To sign up to help with the revision process or to learn more click here.

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